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Popular Q&A

Oral Surgeon?
Ask friends and family. Try this website:

Would like to do Dentistry but GCSE grades problem?
Ok heres my advice: Im currently doing my GCSE and have the same problem as you, however I have gotten a wholeload of advice from a variety of people including my friends, family & teachers. What i can tell you straight away is that you can resit GCSE's but im not sure yet as I dont need to...

Did Hitler really put fluoride in the water at concentration camps? If so why do we put it in are water?
Yes, fluoride was used in Nazi Concentration camps and the gulags in Siberia to make prisoners docile and easier to control. It is also absorbed through the skin when bathing, showering, or swimming in fluoridated water. You absorb through the tissues of your mouth when brushing your teeth...

I want to be a doctor who has his own practice. Should I major or minor in Buisiness?
There is so much information available on opening a small practice (renting space, buying a retirees client list, etc., etc. ) that you really don't need more than a minor, if that. Business entrepreneurship is so much more involved and it's based more on products, supply and demand, advertising...

Can anyone tell me were i can find a malpractice attorney who will take my case?
no, there is no such attorney because your case is not a case. you have spent 5 days trying to come up with a way to get rich quick. try The law firm of Dewey Cheatem and Howe. no lawyer is gonna take an unwinnable case without money up front.