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Popular Q&A

Do you believe in the conspiracies that Hitler did not die in Berlin?
Statements like "I personally believe,""you heard somewhere," "there is no way to prove his claim but it's at least something," "I know that hitler...," and "I honestly don't want to believe this theory" destroy your credibility. Other statements like "there is just more evidence that he did...

Need help with military benefits/tricare prime and enrollement?
Dentist is totally separate and you need to sign up for that, it is through United Concordia. To enroll you must go to fill out the paperwork and then submit it with the first month's payment. After that it will be deducted from his pay $13 for...

Medicaid cancelled while in the middle of braces treatment?
I am not sure how dentist and oral surgeons work but at the hospitals there are people that are supposed to help you get the medicaid started. try calling the office to see if there is an insurance specialist there to help you or give you and numbers to call. i can't imagine they wouldn't have...

Dentistery: perio scale & root pin?
I'm sure you mean "scaling and root planing." What about it?

Architect or Dentist?
I would suggest dentistry. It actually isn't really boring, they are coming out with awesome technology so by the time you get there you will be able to experience that. Right now, financially dentistry is better as well. If you open your own dentistry practice you could make it fun and create...