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Popular Q&A

Does anyone know if there are any dentistry schools in middle east (UAE, QATAR or BAHRAIN)?
IRAQ - +964 1 4169371 IRAQ - +964 60 819244 Those are two that are in Iraq. I found these on this website: You will need to download the Dental Schools Directory.

Should I leave my dentist for pushing fluoride on me?
Find a holistic or naturopathic dentist. Not all dentists push fluoride. Many are not aware that fluoride is even absorbed through the tissues of the mouth... a lot like sub-lingual Vitamin B-12. Fluoride promotion is mainly based on endorsements of one person or the other, rather than sound...

I am trying to make up 2 sentences that contain 3 clauses. not dependent or independent. I mean adverb or noun
Here is an adjective clause sentence: "Travelling dentists", who had no real skill at dentistry, would pull teeth in the marketplace. Here is a an adverb clause sentence: For some reason, all this knowledge disappeared when the Middle Ages arrived. Hope that this helps you out!

I am a dentist, how can I evaluate my certification in Australia ?
Those are probably really two separate questions given that you have an Australian partner. Once you have lived together for 12 months, you can apply for a partner visa with him as your sponsor. If granted, your partner visa will be temporary for 2 years and then becomes permanent if the relationship...

How to complete 1065 and k-1's from Quickbooks?
First you need to make sure your LLC is to be taxed as a Partnership. That's the default choice for multi-member LLCs. But you may have filed to be taxed as a corporation. Assuming the first, QuickBooks is a bookkeeping program. You need a tax package, such as TurboTax for Business. Or better...