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Popular Q&A

Pre-Dentistry Major and Bio Major?
The pre-dentistry wil focus on subjects that are strictly dentistry, and will help when you attend dentistry school. Biology will focus completely on the human body, with no focus on dentistry. Biology can get you into medical school for any program, while pre denistry can only get you into...

Is bankruptcy right for us?
Get rid of the car. Let them repossess it. No, I'm not kidding. If you go bankrupt, they will take it anyway. That's almost 20% of your take-home pay. Purchase a used vehicle that will get your hubby back/forth to work, but only if you pay cash for it. If you don't pay the auto loan and drive...

Can anyone explain the difference between IV sedation and IV general anesthesia?
IV conscious sedation is where the patient is awake and can interact verbally. but, you will not remember the procedure. most dentists like to use it because with general anesthesia it is harder on the body and you are limp and have to be propped up. it is easier to work on you if you have...

What are the best dentists in Worcester, MA?
Phone around and find out the services that are foffered, from there you will be able to see a good dentist from and av one

Where can I find a good Genera dentist? I live in Norcross Ga/ Atlanta?
Stay away from refferal advertisments like 1-800 DENTIST they are just that paid advertisements. The best refferals come from happy patients who swear by their dentist. Make sure the dentist know who sent you and why. It only helps him want to keep his old patient happy.