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Popular Q&A

Items/costs for a horse monthly/yearly?
You're on the right track! Get into lessons as soon as possible and stick with them on a regular schedule. Lessons, and perhaps even leasing a horse and boarding it somewhere with experienced people to give you an idea on how it is before you get your own horse is ideal. Reading and research...

Careington Dental or Aetna Dental?? Which one is better?
I suggest Careington Dental. The Careington dental plan provides members a way to enjoy big savings on their dental bills. Note that this is not insurance but a discount plan that helps provide quality dental care for uninsured individuals at affordable prices. Benefits include: Coverage for...

What is the best Career for me?
Sounds like you value jobs a lot. You think you will become rich by having a high paying job. If I were you, I'd check out Robert Kiyosaki. Just google him and look at some youtube video's. More specifically his cashflow quadrant. In there he explains how having a JOB is just an acronym for...

Monroe piercing?
I have had my Monroe for about 4 years now, and I have never had any problem with it. Oral Piercings DO NOT cause gum disease, but depending on the placement and the shape or your mouth and gums, they can rub against the gums and wear them away. My dentist checked mine out about 4 months ago...

Dentistry Advice/Teeth Whitening Advice?
it depends on how you're applying the hydrogen peroxide. The concentration needed to whiten teeth effectively, could easily burn the skin inside your mouth, and cause permanent damage. This is why normally trays are used, and peroxide is in gel form so it doesn't run everywhere. Think your...