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Popular Q&A

Iv sedation dentistry, more info and help would be appreciated?
There are many dentists that offer IV sedation dentistry. I don't know where you live but either ask around or check in the yellow page ads to get some leads and make some inquiring phone calls. also be aware that there will be additional costs for this service. Good luck.

I was wondering if anyone in West Virginia knew of a good dentist..?
If I were you, I would call up here to West Virginia University. The dentistry school is really good, and they do not charge as much as a real dentist would. I'm not sure if they can do everything he needs, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to call up here to check anyways. I wish I could help...

Root canal procedure?
If the dentist is able to complete the root canal in one visit your next appointment will consist of preparing the tooth for a crown and taking the impressions. Also a temporary crown will be placed. Then a couple of weeks later you will return to have the permanent crown cemented to place...

I live in florida and need braces but i have medicaid any one no a orthodontist that takes it??=]?
you'll need a referal from a medicaid dentist. I know there is a medicaid orthodontist in Orlando and another in Coral Springs.

Question for dentist again......about false tooth?
You could get an implant. They implant a titanium screw into your bone, allow some healing and attach a crown to the screw. It is probably about the same price as doing a three unit bridge (depending on your area). If I were to lose a tooth, that is what I would do. It is the closest to...