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Popular Q&A

Do Canadians get free prescription medication under their "universal health care' system?
This varies from one part of the country to another as health is administered provincially. I live in a part of the country where I get free prescription medication (as I have a chronic illness). In most parts of the country, people have to pay a percentage of the bill. Where my mother lives...

Does Walmart give their employees dental benefits?
It's one of the big issues with WalMart and their employees - the lack of benefits and that WalMart won't hire full time (other than management) so they don't have to pay for benefits. I don't know if they've changed their benefit policy in recent years because of all the bad press, so you...

Question for dentists about wisdom teeth?
Because of the inherent risks 'down the road' in the patients life from the wisdom teeth. If there is adequate room in the patients mouth for the wisdom teeth and as a result nothing impacting the teeth then they should NOT be removed, and dentists are not taught to remove healthy teeth.. even...

How much does a PO Box Cost?
It's based on the size of the box and the location of the post office. The smallest box can cost anywhere from $9 to $35 for a six-month rental (that's the minimum rental period). You'd have to ask at a specific post office to see what they charge.

Facts about Robert Woofendale?
He was one of the first dentist in the colonies, introduced advertising and cauterizing for endodontics... (under 1766) (#12 Early America) http://www.evidencebasedendo...