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Popular Q&A

In what season of Seinfeld does Kramer, numb from the dentist, get mistaken for someone with special needs?
Episode is called The Jimmy and he ends up sitting next to "Mr Mel Torme - the Velvet Fog" and Arnold Deansfrye. He got punched in the mouth by Jimmy, played by Anthony Starke, who used to be the bartender on The George Carlin Show. He also had novocaine and spiled water on the floor and...

A dentist except medicare for a form of payment?
Medicare has not been offering dental benefits for years. However, I noticed in my plan it does beginning this year offer limited dental services. Check your insurance plan under Medicare.

Dentist in Marin County?
You know, the referrals route is good. But nothing quite suits like doing personal visits so that you can see and feel. Because that is part of health and healing, too. It is often a gut feeling about what suits you best in a dentist or anything for that matter. Little quite beats seeing...

Can i work in uk as a dentist?
Contact the British Dental Association to see if you degree is transferable and acceptable and whether you will have to do any additional training or supervision to work in the UK.

Can any one tell me what are the possibilties of a general dentist in getting a job in dubai??
Job Type: Dentist Job Category: Health Care Reference #: HC-0053 Location: Gulf Region Job Description: Dentist Requirement: Examine teeth, gums and rel. tissues to det. condn, using dental treatments utilizing X-ray, and other diagnostic equipment. Diagnose and treat diseases or oral cavity...