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Popular Q&A

Can you name any famous people who appeare in csi las Vegas ? not counting Laurence Fisburne or Justin Bieber?
There have been tons of celebrities who've guest starred on CSI, such as: * Dakota Fanning, in one of her earliest roles, played a molestation victim in Season 1's episode "Blood Drops". * Misha Collins appeared in Season 5's episode "Nesting Dolls", as Vlad. * Marcia Cross, from Desperate...

Parents did you see the 20/20 show about the child dentist clinic's & do you know if there is a site to warn?
i had a similiar experience with my son when he was little. both of my children (they are twins) have teeth that have grown in without enamel. my dentist says there is no real explaination for this. my FIRST choice of a dentist was a pediatric dentist as i figured it would be better for...

Teeth whitening by dentists?
In the first instance he will tell you whether your teeth will actually whiten as many people have a base colour that will never whiten but will brighten up. Make an appointment and see what he offers and says. Lots of media white tooth pictures are achieved with more than simple whitening...

How much does a dentist visit cost without insurance?
Charges for a routine cleaning vary widely around the country. The best way to find out what it would cost in your area is to call dentist'-s offices and ask them what their fees are. They will be happy to tell you.

Can a dentistry degree in iran continue to USA?
im not sure of what you are asking so ill answer both ways that im understanding it if you mean that if a degree in dentistry obtained in iran can be used to practice the profession in the u.s. the answer is yes. however, you would need to fulfill some additional requirements. among them would...