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Popular Q&A

Looking for an emergency dentist that takes medicaid?
Call the number on the back of your medicaid card, or that 1-800-dentist number that is always on the t.v. Ask friends if they know of someone. Good Luck

What cartoons and TV shows did you used to watch when you were young?
Jem, Smurfs, He Man and the Masters of the Universe, Captain Caveman, Roadrunner,... Hey, are you a 70s or 80s baby in Malaysia? You may love this:- FW: 70s n 80s babies!!! Especially for us borned and raised in Malaysia (esp. fond of the memory of the Milo truck coming to school once in a...

Does any one know of a list with the top graduate dentistry schools?
I just know some of the schools USC UCLA Harvard Yale University of Chicago University of Maryland Baltimore

Root canal and swollen lymph nodes?
I work for a Biological Dentist and have seen this before where there are swollen lymph nodes due to a root canal. Root canals easily harbor bacteria and can become a bigger problem when the infection grows. It's probably best to have the tooth removed and to make sure the extraction is thoroughly...

Family Dentistry Referrals?
We specialize in sedation dentistry and patients that are nervous, uncomfortable, and anxious with the dentist. We have a very compassionate staff and have been practicing for 25 years! Call: 713-266-2244. Our office is located at: 3400 S. Gessner, Suite 101 Houston TX 77063, near Richmond...