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Popular Q&A

How does my personal statement sound?
It is fine but to long./

No. The best you could hope for is for a cancellation fee to be waived if you ever need to cancel an appointment without the required notice. More as a courtesy than anything.

Hi, I live in Ireland - can I ask the dentist to remove most of my teeth?
I worked as a dental nurse in Northen Ireland and we used to get alot of Rep of Ireland patients up doin this sort of thing. Yes you could do it but it takes some time because the dentist cant pull out all you teeth at the same time(it would be wayyy to sore), so theres the time factor, price...

Dentist tooth extraction?
Im 16 and i had 4 teeth out when i was 15 :) , yes it hurts a little but thats only the injection part. i am a MASSIVE wimp i hate pain and everything, and this wasnt even that bad! no the dentist does not kneel on your chest lol, just a simple tug and the tooth is out! and you wont even feel...

CARE CREDIT?? EVERY doctor and dentist, or only certain ones?
Sorry, not all dentists accept care credit. They have to be under contract with care credit and pay a fee to accept the card and get the electronics necessary. However, many dentists do take it and you should be able to find one pretty easily. Good luck!