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Popular Q&A

Will employment insurance cover my trip to the dentist?
Hmm.. The Employment Insurance (EI) program provides temporary income support to those who are between jobs- cannot work for reasons of sickness, childbirth, or parenting- or who are providing care or support to a family member who is gravely ill with a significant risk of death. So, it doesn't...

Where can I find a pro-bono dentist in Huntington Beach CA?
Getting your teeth extracted costs $150 and about $50 in Tijuana. As far as emergency dentistry is concerned, you are probably screwed. The OC dental health clinics number is (714) 834-8408 Also, UCLA probably has free dentistry with a wait period, but I'm from Wisconsin so I have no idea...

What is a Root Canal Specialist? What do they do?
A root canal specialist is a dentist who has taken additional training to specialize in treating the nerves of teeth and they do root canals day in, day out. Some can sedate, some don't, so you can ask the office when you call for an appointment. Even if you're not sedated, they are super-experts...

English speaking dentist in northern Taipei (Taiwan)?
I don't have a specific dentist in mind. I suggest you go to a hotel, tourist center, or even some local stores to seek out English-speakers to assist you. Ask older people who have some experience with having dental work done. Without NHI, the cost is naturally more expensive. You might try...

Los Angeles City College transfer to Loma Linda University of Dentistry?
To become a dentist I assume and not allied health? You don't transfer into dental school- its like med school. You should have a bachelors, take the DAT and apply/ Specific questions can be answered on the school's web page.