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Popular Q&A

How much would an average, single student person have to pay to live in Portsmouth UK?
renting a flat depends on where you want to live and also if want it furnished or unfunished. prices are per calendar month and they range from around ?200-?400. i suggest that getting a furnished flat would be better because then you would not have to spend money on furniture. also have a...

Eye doctor/Dentist FREE Philadelphia?
The Temple School of dentistry is not free. It costs money, just less than an office. And it takes atleast 6 months for an apt. Besides, that would require transit too. I believe you asked this before and I gave you a free dentist in north Phila only 10 minutes from center city, but I guess...

The future of dentists and oral surgeons?
Dental disease is the most common infectious disease in the world. People are living longer and want to keep their teeth throughout their lives. Dentistry is doing just fine. Medicine has been cripled by the health care crisis currently underway. When I started dental school, average salary...

How come I see a lot of dentist related jobs in los angeles?
most dental "clinics" (like Aspen dental or Bright Now) hire dentists that are straight out of school or recent graduates. These clinics want high turnover and high volume. This makes working at these dental clinics very stressful and very demanding. Hence, most dentists leave clinics and...

Are there any after hours dentists in Cary, NC, that can extract a tooth?
Are you kidding!! You can't even get a dentist on Fri or Sat Or Sun here. Why should they with the ridiculus fees today no need to work on the week end!! Doc W