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Popular Q&A

How much does a crown cost?
That's a little more than average. Usually cost around $500-$700. I paid only $350 for mine because of this great plan I have: I signed up online over 5 years ago now and they have saved me thousands on all services. From root canals, crowns, xrays, cleanings...

When should a toddler have their first dentist visit?
If you trust your dentist ( and that's a BIG if) then take him as young as poss. Even if they don't actually get to look in his mouth he'll get used to the place, the chair etc and the dentist. Then each time you go he will get more confidant ( let him see the dentist look in your mouth...

I have a question about regular hay alternatives?
I think you need to see the costs of having a horse and it isn't JUST hay! Boarding out can run anywhere from $100.00/mo to $1,000.00/mo depending upon the facility. IF you live in a populated city like San Francisco or Los Angeles, boarding close to home will more than likely run on the higher...

What does it take to become a dentist?
I've been a dentist for 7 years now. As far as I know, the basic requirements haven't changed to get into dental school but check with your guidance counselor. Contrary to belief, you do not have to major in pre-med (dentistry falls into this field) in college. Some of my friends that became...

If I live in Sacramento and am on medi-cal can i pick a dentist in anaheim ca?
Medi-Cal will cover any dentist in California who accepts it for a child under 21. It is called Denta-Cal. You can get a list from Sacramento but it is not updated.