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Popular Q&A

Im 17 years old living in south florida. Im a in high school junior going to be a senior . Can i become a dent?
Yes, one can a dental laboratory technician using impressions, or molds, of a patient’s teeth to create crowns, bridges, dentures, and other dental appliances. They work closely with dentists but have limited contact with patients. The median annual wage of dental laboratory technicians was...

A good dentist in indianapolis?
Look up Dr. Toliver. I personally would recommend him, and he is a very good dentist.

Where can I get help with dentist bills?
I wonder if you would consider coming to Mexico to get your teeth fixed. It is much cheaper here. Check out This will give you an idea as to the cost compared to prices in US.

More information on UCLA specializing in dentistry?
In order to get into dentistry school, you would need to take all the college pre-reqs to apply. Most students who get into dentistry school actually have a 4 year bachelors degree already. This would mean you'd need to major in Chemistry or Biology to get your Bachelors degree (or another...

I want my parents to know why dentistry is not a "worthless" field. Please help?
One big advantage of dentistry is that the average patient of a physician will not be "healed" - he or she will in most cases still have some health problems, and will in many cases sooner or later come back with even bigger health problems. Especially if you're doing family medicine or, even...