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Popular Q&A

University Dentistry?
Basically, 4 years (or 3 including summers depending) for Bachelors in whatever major you choose (as long as you complete all your pre-req). There are several pre-req you have to finish, then you take the DAT (Dental Admission Testing) in order to get into dental school. After that 4 years...

Dentist to take medicare dallas texas?
Check your 2011 Medicare book. If you do not have it then call Medicare and they will send you a copy for free. Good luck!

I have United Health Care Medical Assistance and can not find an adult dentist that is close to Westminster MD
We also have United HealthCare...and here in Indiana....if they dont have a provider in your area..then they have to find one and you wont be charged any I use a Dentist that is out of our Network..then we pay more....but if there isn't one available...then call them and...

Tonsil stones bad breath dentist?
the cleaning will not get rid of the bad breath since the bad breath is caused by the tonsil stone so until you get rid ot the tonsil stone you will still have bad breath. and the white coating is also due to the tonsil stone so while you can brush your tongue the white coating will come back...

What a levels do you need to become a dentist?
In my opinion dentistry is quite hard to get into because you'll be an early applicant with all the Oxbridge and medic students The A-Levels you have chosen I think are great but you should get ATLEAST an A at A-level Also GCSEs should be good to, again As and A*s to be honest I don't want...