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Popular Q&A

Looking for the best dentist for dental implant here in san marcos california or near this town?
Read patient comments and reviews of dentists in that area here.

How to become a physician?
If you haven't taken biology, you will have to take a year of biology classes. You probably took general and organic chemistry, calculus and physics for your BS in chemistry. You may also have to take biochemistry. So, assuming your BS is acceptable to US medical schools, you would have...

Hungary Dental?
I lived in Hungary for several years and always had excellent dental care there. Nothing major, just cleanings, fillings, etc, but I was always pleased with it. Mind you, I went to one of the best private dental clinics in Budapest and so paid top dollar, but even still, it was much less...

Digital Camera for Dentistry ?? Samsung S85 or SOny DSC-W55 ?
Zoom is less critical unless your taking the picture from the other side of the room and using a tripod. Instead you will want a digicam with good macro shooting capability. Also you'll want a camera that focuses quickly even in lower light situations (like the inside of someones mouth. I'd...