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Popular Q&A

Dental School! HELP!?
I think your dentist might be a bit older, am I correct? I can't speak to dental school specifically, but years ago, college was a more standardized experience than it is today. It most certainly matters which school you went to and the types of classes you take. Graduate educators (medical...

Cosmetic dentistry in Jacksonville, FL?
Doctor David and Associates does excellent work in Jacksonville. Good Luck

Does anyone know a very good dentist/orthodontist in London?
Try local shops etc and ask your friends that are living in London

What do you do when your dentist bo longer accepts your insurance?
You either stay with the dentist you have now and pay everything out of pocket or search for another office that does take your insurance. The most common reason why a dentist no longer accepts a certain dental plan is the reimbursement level is too low, the insurance company takes too long...

Is there any software used by dentists?
There are a lot of different software programs used by dentists. Some are imaging (x-rays), perio charting, practice management....