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Popular Q&A

American dentists practicing in europe?
checkup is especially important if you'll be traveling in developing countries or in remote areas without access to good dental care. Left to chance, emergency dental care may be uncomfortable, dangerous and expensive. And dental care providers in developing regions may not have the resources...

Universal Health Care, I want the truth?
I live and work in the NHS, which is the universal health care system of the UK. Yes it has problems but if you ask people and those who work in it, over 99% would refuse to have it moved to the US version of healthcare . First of all, Obama wants to make insurance more available to all. ...

Do you like going to the dentist?
Sure I looooove going to the dentist. It's right up there to eating ground glass and having a nail jammed into my head.

My Dentist broke a file in my root while performing a root canal. Who pays the Endodontist it remove it?
I agree with Dr. Craig. As long as he informed you of the situation and made the appropriate referral to an endodontist, he handled the unfortunate complication correctly. I also agree that the dentist should not charge you. I have not when this has happened to me. Interestingly, endodontists...

Is there a list of schools for dental hygienists somewhere or does anyone know of schools in kansas city mo?
St. Louis St. Louis Community College at Forest Park Dental Hygiene Department 5600 Oakland Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110-1393 314-644-9330 St. Louis Community College at Forest Park Dental Hygiene Program Kansas City University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry Division of Dental Hygiene...