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Popular Q&A

Where can one go for some quality cosmetic dentistry in Thailand?
For example: Dental Hospital Sukhumvit Soi 49 Bangkok Tel.: + 66 2 260 50 00 email: I do not know if there exist a rating system for dentistry here. But I can confirm that they are good and much cheaper than USA/Europe. If you come for limited...

Pre-dental schools... HELP PLEASE!!?
First of all, you do not necessarily need a "pre-dental" degree. My husband is in dental school and I don't think anyone in his class actual majored in pre-dentistry. You will need to major in a science (biology, chemistry, microbiology, etc.) and keep a GPA of 3.5 or higher. What schools...

How should I talk to my boss about renegotiating my starting salary?
I recommend that, since your boss already addressed the salary issue, you work for 3 months and then negotiate a higher salary reminding him of the conversation. At the 3 month point your probation period should be over and if you have performed well you will have more leverage in negotiating...

UofT Faculty of Dentistry Braces?
An excellent choice. These students are supervised by Instructors who are professionals that are seasoned, highly trained, qualified and respected Dentists. True, they are learning, but they are trained and have many hours of practice within this area of dentistry. He is training in a specialty...

Why should I choose medicine over dentistry ?
It's really a personal decision for you. Clinical medicine offers you a lot more options with respect to the anatomic regions you deal with and the sorts of options that are available to you. In dentistry it's somewhat limited. As a non-dentist I don't know the details of the lifestyle per...