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Popular Q&A

Who are all the Harry Potter actors in Game of Thrones besides....?
Not sure if I got all but there is my list: Actress: Michelle Fairley * Harry Potter's character - Mrs. Granger - Hermionie Granger's mother, muggle, dentist * Game of Thrones' character - Lady Catelyn Stark, wife (widow) of Lord Eddard Stark, mother to Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon...

In this technological age shouldn't we have elections every two years?
House of Reps has to run every two years. President every four and Senate every six. I think that's a good system.

My teeth are yellow and they won't come clean should i go to the dentist?
you can go if u want and maybe the dentist can find a way u can clean them , there are teeth whitening products u can search for in the stores that may help . good luck

I just got my braces off yesterday?
Hi! I've been in dentistry for over 20 years. And congrats on getting your braces off. Please listen. You went through a lot to get your teeth perfect. This is the next step. And it WILL NOT hurt for long. I promise. Once the dentist moves the teeth, they have to be stablized. This...

Who can I contact when a dentist office stops using my insurance mid-treatment?
I would call your state medical board. What they are doing seems to be quite unscrupulous since they already started the work. I have never heard of a doctor refusing insurance once he accepted it and started the work. Good luck.