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Popular Q&A

In this technological age shouldn't we have elections every two years?
House of Reps has to run every two years. President every four and Senate every six. I think that's a good system.

How would you go about forming an informal photography group?
Ask at your local pub if you can have a space in one of the bars for a monthly meeting. They probably will not charge you for the use, and will be glad of the business, and in a pub, it has atmosphere, unlike the stark surrounds of a church/village hall. Who will pay for the use of a hall?...

Tooth help im scared ! :(?
Your parents will have to pay for a different dentist. Call Medi-Cal in Sacramento and get a list of dentists. Some general dentists do root canals. You dont necessarily have to see an endodontist. There are several Medi-Cal dentists in San Francisco if you are under 21.

Teeth whitening gel/ whitestrips?!?
As long as you use the whitening gel in moderation (that means small amounts in your tray in each tooth slot) then you should be fine. I have known patients that use the gel for years. You will know if your teeth start to get sensitive if you are using the gel too frequently. The best place...