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Popular Q&A

Why are dentists allergic to health cards?
Yes, you are right. Health card companies do not pay on time. Take the case of a health insurance company that handles employees' health benefits of a call center. Previously, employees or their health beneficiaries can be admitted to any hospital that has a tie-up with the said health insurance...

Should the citizens of Arizona be prohibited from crossing into Mexico for their dental work?
That's up to Mexico. Immigration laws are made to benefit a country's society so my guess is that they will not pass a law that hurts their business. If they did, then Americans would have to obey that law or risk legal consequences. That's how laws work.

Good veneers dentist?
There is a cosmetic clinic in Richmond, I can't remember the name of it, but they are quite big and well established. They do laser whitening and veneers, along with traditional dentistry. It's in south Richmond, off Steveston Highway

How to market to dentists ?
Like anyone else, dentists do not care for telemarketers, salespeople walking in their office and bringing a sale pitch. The best option is to hold a convention with other marketers inviting local dentist to view their new produts/ sales items, and those dsentist interested will come and those...

Any good indie bands?
Aberdeen City Aberfeldy Absolute Whores A.C. Newman Action Action Ryan Adams[citation needed] Agent Sparks The Ailerons Air Traffic Airhead The Airborne Toxic Event Albert Hammond Jr. The Album Leaf All Girl Summer Fun Band All-Time Quarterback Alterkicks Ambulance LTD American Analog Set American...