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Popular Q&A

Need to find a good Dentist in north Houston, TX?
Hi Susan, I would highly recommend Dr. Rivera at Bella Dental. She takes great care of my kids and even my husband loves her and he HATES going to the dentist. Her office is on Veterans Memorial Dr. north of Beltway 8. Sorry, I don't know her first name. Oh and Yes she accepts Medicaid...

CPA, doctor, or dentist? in philippines?
Well, the 15 top paying jobs in the world are all Doctors of various specialties. Lawyers come in 16th, and CPA? Not in the top 25 even. Besides, there are way too many CPAs already in the Philippines and the leading accounting firm in the Philippines, SGV is already in shambles - and it gets...

Where can i find a place in muskegon,michigan that refill nitrous oxide bottles?
Not sure if you need a permit or license, but any hospital equipment supplier should have it...find out where your dentist office gets theirs from, it's the same stuff, laughing gas.

Can someone clarify something for me about the Judaism practised in mea shearim and Orthodox Judaism?
The vast majority of Orthodox Jewish families have one or two working members of the couple. If you think that this is not the case, visit Flatbush or Boro Park in Brooklyn, NY, Lawrrence, NY, Monsey, NY, or Teaneck, NJ and take a look at the houses and stores there. Or go check out the...

That sounds a lot like she will be cutting her first tooth soon. There is absolutely no need to go to the dentist! My son got his first front bottom teeth at 4 months within days of each other. He has been dribbling, chewing on everything, even trying to get my clothes in his mouth, so I think...