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Popular Q&A

How much does a dentist visit cost without insurance?
Charges for a routine cleaning vary widely around the country. The best way to find out what it would cost in your area is to call dentist'-s offices and ask them what their fees are. They will be happy to tell you.

Kids dentist in los angeles ?
our pedo doesn't strap the kids down. however, to put the kid to sleep is extremely expensive. our pedo gives oral conscious sedation which is a liquid medication the kids drink. the kids look like a happy drunk and is very relaxed. to get this you can't have the kids eat anything after...

Question for dentists about wisdom teeth?
Because of the inherent risks 'down the road' in the patients life from the wisdom teeth. If there is adequate room in the patients mouth for the wisdom teeth and as a result nothing impacting the teeth then they should NOT be removed, and dentists are not taught to remove healthy teeth.. even...

The future of dentists and oral surgeons?
Dental disease is the most common infectious disease in the world. People are living longer and want to keep their teeth throughout their lives. Dentistry is doing just fine. Medicine has been cripled by the health care crisis currently underway. When I started dental school, average salary...

I haven't quite cut it for Medicine should i study Dentistry instead?
i think for a long time, many of those who couldn't get into medical school, tried out for dental school. i think for many today, some believe that is true. but it's dentistry is becoming many people's first choice. albeit dental school is slightly easier to get into, its getting more and...