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Popular Q&A

Has anyone went to Dr. S.T. Sawa who does dental implants in San Diego?
I don't know anything about that particular dentist, but our major hospital is also a teaching hospital. They also have a school of dentistry. You can go there & get dental work & implants at a very reasonable price. It is worth checking out.

DENTISTS!!! please help me!?
If you have an emergency (severe pain, infection, etc...) you can go to your local hospital emergency room where they will treat you, regardless of your ability to pay. While you are there, they will start you on a round of antibiotics if you have an infection. They may also prescribe some...

Rancho Buena Vista High School Dr. T K Duncan Dentist?
I am not sure if I can help, but I'll try. To find out all you need to know on oral surgery, dentistry, and maxillofacial surgery in Australia (and especially Newcastle in NSW), then you should go to . This website is rich and informatiove on all aspects of gum graft...

Should I leave my dentist for pushing fluoride on me?
Find a holistic or naturopathic dentist. Not all dentists push fluoride. Many are not aware that fluoride is even absorbed through the tissues of the mouth... a lot like sub-lingual Vitamin B-12. Fluoride promotion is mainly based on endorsements of one person or the other, rather than sound...

Is there any software used by dentists?
There are a lot of different software programs used by dentists. Some are imaging (x-rays), perio charting, practice management....