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Popular Q&A

How can I make money by web design?
Let's go through this step by step. First, what you're talking about is graphic design, not web design. You won't get a lot of calls for graphic design unless you join a company that does logo design and graphic design. The way to make money with web design is by designing (or building) websites...

How many years of college will I have to take to become a dentist and what major and which college in CA?
This may sound sort of generic, but you should go to college wherever you want to go and major in whatever you like. In both cases, you'll get better grades than if you force yourself to study something you hate. At the same time, you will want to go to a respectable school and get good grades...

Columbia University in NYC vs. UNC Chapel Hill?
Chapel Hill is a great school, and if you're in-state, it will be infinitely cheaper than Columbia (even before you add in the cost of living in New York City). If you really want to go to Columbia, save it for grad school when it really counts.

Where can i find affordable dentures?
Not to sound like a jerk, but the best bet in this horrible capitalist American society would be to whittle your own set of teeth out of wood. It's called taking the George Washington way out. You can use a sample set that they would have in a dental office, or your own teeth that fall out...

Dental=can someone that has real silver fillings pick up on radio,cell phone and dish satilite signals?
if you have gold near the mercury fillings, you are like a human battery, with amperage and polarity. i don't know if anyone has ever heard radio stations besides gilligan on gilligan's island. tell her to get the fillings out. they are 50% mercury, the 2nd most toxic substance on earth...