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Popular Q&A

UT Austin or UT Dallas? What should I do?
Have you even visited UT Dallas? If not, see the campus and talk to people there before you make your decision. Dallas is a great town with a lot of young people and a lot of job opportunity. (And a lot of people with great teeth -- it's a good town to be a dentist.) If you're serious about...

Dentistry and Community College Professor?
I am sure that if after you've obtained a DDS you should be able to teach courses in a undergraduate program at a community college. If as the other person has stated that you 've only obtained your bachelors and would like to teach that will not be enough usually for community colleges they...

Can I get emergency Medicaid?
If you live in Ohio you would have to contact the Ohio Dept of Human Services (or the contact info on website). Contact them in person. Even if you do not qualify for Medicaid, sometimes they can get around the basic qualifications, or can get you on other programs available. Also, Medicaid...

Dental assistant course?
Hey girl! That was the exact same reason I wanted to be a dental assistant, of course I would have settled for just marrying a hot rich dentist so i could just stay at home! lol! jk I took a 3 semester dental assisting course at a community college just to help me get my foot in the door. Some...

Where can you get good cosmetic dentistry in Houston, Tx that is not priced out of this world.?
Donna, It is not neccessary to travel to a foreign country to save money on dental treatments. Most dental insurance plans in Houston have waiting long periods when it comes to dental crowns and dental implants, after you join. In fact some insurance companies do not cover dentalimplants at...