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Popular Q&A

Does anybody know of any dentists in Phuket who will do teeth whitening cheap but still good quality?
There's really no point in having a dentist do it anymore. The otc strips are inexpensive and effective.

My brother Jack just fell down and broke his crown, are there any dentists that office hours on a Sunday?
Nope, sounds like Jack is up the creek without a paddle. Unless there is a boating store open, then he could buy a paddle. Which solves that problem.

I Hate My Dentist!?
Did she take you to this particular Dentist's office because of low cost? If so, why don't you and your sister have a talk with your mum and be honest about the way it makes you both feel to have to go to a dentist who specializes in small children. Suggest to your mum that maybe she could...

I have a cavity under a crown. My dentist advices getting a new crown after fixing the cavity. I disagree.?
I am having the same problem in a way. I have two fairly new crowns that I've been told by other dentists that have open margins and I should get them redone or I could eventually lose the teeth. I've had them about 10 months now with no pain (and I have not had root canals in them) so since...

Qualifications in UK to study dentistry, please help?
The exact grades and 'points' required will vary from university to university, but you will certainly need a good set. Dentistry, like medicine and veterinary medicine, is oversubscribed. You should aim to get A grades in 3 (relevant) A-levels. The majority of your GCSE grades should be A*/A...