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Popular Q&A

Can anyone recommend a dentist, eye doctor and/or an OBGYN in S. Auburn/Sumner/Lake Tapps, even Puyallup area?
Morris, Laurie Dr. 1701 3rd St Se, Ste 200, Puyallup, WA (253) 840-4444

Interested In Dental Nursing?
HI! I've been in dentistry for over 20 years. And a Dental Nurse is a real plus! You need to get a 2 year degree as a dental assistant and do clinic and chair side assisting. An xray license is a great plus and if you like working one-on-one with patients, working for an Oral Surgeon would...

I have a job physical coming up for the city of spokane wa. What will happen during the physical?
Why didn't you ask when you were scheduled? Bathe before the physical. If you stink the doctors (like dentists looking in smelly mouths) may hurt you! You may have to pee in a cup so hold off until you get to the office. Sometimes it is just a dope check. Sometimes they do a dope check...

How do Dentists number your teeth?
Imagine you are looking into somebody's open mouth, then begin counting from your left to right, then down to the bottom teeth from right to left. Best illustration I know is at What you are looking for is a tooth numbering diagram. There are plenty...

Discount dental plan.?
I bought a discount dental plan from The dentists all give high quality service. They participate in the plans because you have to pay in full at the time of the service & it saves them from having to bill you or file with insurance companies. The plan I bought was about $100...