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Popular Q&A

Am i ill, i cant stop shakeing ?
it sounds to me that you have caught this cold/flu that is going around and is probably nothing to do with your braces, friends of mine have been affected for almost a week with it over the Christmas period, i suggest you stay in for now and see if it goes away, if it stays it will probably... POP?
try this address click on find a PDP dentist in the right hand column

A question about going to the dentist =D?
Sounds like my dentist Dr. Miller. He talks constantly but if he's going to be dumb and ask you complicated questions while he's got his hands in your mouth just ignore him thats what I do.

Can you pull abscess tooth out?
Simple answer: NO Reason: An abscess is a SERIOUS infection of the tooth. It can't be cured by 'wishing' or 'hoping' that it will go away anytime soon. Obviously you don't want to hear that you have to go to a dentist, but that's your ONLY option. Ask around, check if you've got a free clinic...

I need to find a good pediatric dentist in Wichita Falls, Texas. Does anyone know of one?
Try looking on the eHealthPlus network. Search by zip code. Pick either a general dentist or a pediatrist.