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Popular Q&A

Cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic usually refers to something that doesn't necessarily have to be done. It is an elective procedure like veneers, or bonding, bleaching your teeth. A partial would be considered more restorative or prosthetic.

Where is there a nhs dentist taking on new patients in plymouth or surrounding area?
Try your local Primary Care Trust and see what they suggest or look at the NHS website to see what they say about finding a dentist in the area. Somewhere in the area there should be a community walk in clinic for emergencies but NHS fees will need to be paid. You will not get sedation on demand...

What qustions are beeing asked on dental assistant interivew?
First dress nice, clean clothes & shoes etc. Do you have experience? If so in four handed dentistry etc. Can you take x-rays (Digital), impressions, pour models, make custom trays, mouth guards, bleaching trays etc. Do you know the anatomy of the mouth, teeth, primary and deciduous? What...

I have impacted wisdom teeth and my dentist said insurance thinks removal is cosmetic? why is this?
Can 't see how it is called cosmetic. Insurances always try it on. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed chipped jawbone and stitches. It did not change the appearance of me. As far as I can see it is the removal of a awkward tooth. Insurances - they really annoy me.

Which is a better course for college dentistry or nursing?
what type of dentistry? at present there is a job shortage for both and both jobs will be in demand. as the baby boomers reach old's up to you because they are both so hours are 9-5 and pay more nursing is 24/7 much more stress but less education's easy...