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Popular Q&A

Where would one go for a small trivial tongue operation?
This is an actual dental condition called "Ankyloglossia" which literally means "tongue tied". It's a simple procedure to snip the frenum (the little flap of tissue under the tongue that's restraining it too much). Yes, it hurts but that goes away fairly quickly. If you are self conscious...

What really is "Happy gas" Could my dentist give me it if he was going to pull out a tooth?
Pulling teeth should not hurt but you need a shot or two of novacaine to numb it or it will hurt. If your teeth are strong, why are you having so many pulled out? They usually won't use laughing gas for one tooth I don't think. The shot is only a tiny pinch then your mouth is numb and you...

I have a cold, can I go to the dentist?
Contact the dentist first and see what they can do to help. Take benedryl or a zyrtec or both about an hour before you go in. That'll reduce the irritation in your throat and the swelling in your nose and reduce coughing. Ask your doctor about taking a double dose of guaffenisin (active ingredient...

Does anyone know if there are any dentistry schools in middle east (UAE, QATAR or BAHRAIN)?
IRAQ - +964 1 4169371 IRAQ - +964 60 819244 Those are two that are in Iraq. I found these on this website: You will need to download the Dental Schools Directory.

Would the dentist re glue half my tooth back?
At minimum there will need to be some roughening of the tooth with a drill&bur so they can bond a new filling on.