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Popular Q&A

How to become Dental Hygienist/Dentist?
Go into hygiene school and see if you like it and what kind of grades you can get. To be honest, with your gpa and no science courses, you will not have a chance to get into dental school at this time. good luck.

Anyone had their top teeth straightened? using cosmetic dentistry not braces.?
I have been surrounding by dentistry my entire life, as my dad is a dentist. There are multiple ways to straighten your teeth. Including, but not limited to, Invisalign, traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, Veneers, or for the extremist approach--dentures. Each comes with their own unique...

I need a great, cheap dentist in Austin TX?
The words "great," "cheap," and "dentist" do not go together. --) There are great dentists, there are cheap dentists, but there are no great cheap dentists anywhere in the country. (One exception: sometimes dentists do volunteer work at clinics in impoverished areas. My great--not cheap--dentist...

Tooth infection need extractions & dentures-no insurance, bad credit-Houston TX. Any suggestions?
I suggest you try a dental University, they have one in Houston. I am a student at one (last year) and can tell you that you get excellent work at an excellent price. Don't worry about having students work on your teeth, they have plenty of professionals there on hand to guide the students...

J.O.N.A.S TV show summary?
J.O.N.A.S The Jonas Brothers seem to be your typical teen rock band hoping to make it to the big time. They travel the country in their rickety tour bus, performing shows, selling homemade CDs and meeting fans. What a life! What the fans don't know is that the Jonas Brothers are actually J...