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Popular Q&A

Can I get Dutch/ Belgian heritage citizenship as a person having Nederlandic roots?
If you can speak Afrikaans as well as good English that gives you a chance to bail out of S A and settle in Flanders or the Netherlands with a flying start in aquiring the language there , before the final S A meltdown happens , but the Immigration barriers into all the E U states are high...

Is this pet insurance any good for a young Labrador?
Insurance is not cheap and most have gone up a LOT in the past year. I use Healthy Pets. There are cheaper insurances, but they have higer excesses, and some only cover up to a small amount, or will place exceptions if your vet has treatement, so are not covered for life. You cannot claim for...

How many cost to study dentistry in india?
hii.. hmm..cost for dentistry varies..if u r writing the entrance exams n gettin thru..ur cost will b les( probably in the 20,000 range or slightly +/-) if u r going 4 a managment seat ..the total cost for the whole course(including donation) will roughly amount to 25-30 lakhs depending...

What is that white thing at dentist!?
The little blue light is called a "curing lamp/light" and it's used to bond restoratives to a tooth surface. I'm assuming you had a filling or sealant? That light helps the filling adhere to the surface of your tooth by forcing the light & heat onto the treatment area. Neat huh? Keep smiling...

Accounting- - Trial balance?
Here is what I got, working it out with T accounts: J. A. Dentist Inc. Trial Balance January 31, 2008 Cash 37135 Accounts Receivable 4000 Dental Supplies 1300 Prepaid Rent 2000 Prepaid Insurance 3600 Dental Equipment 13200 Automobile 13000 Accounts Payable 0 Notes Payable (10000) Common Stock...