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Popular Q&A

Dentists use the same fee guide for their procedures. Some charge more, but others charge at the fee guide's rate. Look for a family dentist or even a pediatric dentist. Avoid the cosmetic dentists. If you Google "dentists in Lethbridge AB", you will get a huge list. Some of them will have...

Help! Dentist appointment this saturday...?
Firstly, a filling and a clean should only take about 20-30 minutes at the maximum. They're extremely quick (depending on how deep the filling needs to be, but really it shouldnt' take very long at all!) I'd recommend for you, Nitrous Oxide. Which is this gas, which no - doesn't put you to...

How much on average does college tuition for dentistry cost?
It is hard to tell you the average cost of dentistry school since the tuition will vary from institution to institution. You should focus more on which institutions you are interested in and then you can gauge how much it would cost to attend that university for a degree in dentistry. If you...

Dose this dentist chair use a pneumatic system?
You can't really tell if it's pneumatic by the adjusting arm. But by the looks of the stand, it guess it is. Barber chairs are pheumatic. And it kind of does look like one since there isn't a back rest adjustment. Edit: oh wait, there is a back rest adjustment. But it still looks like a barber...

I'm looking for a good dentist that do General dentistry and as well as Orthodontics in Zamboanga City.?
Look under, search by zip code and by specialty, either general dentists, or orthodontics.