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Popular Q&A

Does any know of any moble dentists in washington state please my friend is disabled and cant leave home?
If your friend is in a wheelchair, she can get to a dentist. We have a few patients that are wheelchair-bound, and with the right assistance, they are able to come into the office and get transferred into the dental chair with ease....and have dental treatment done. We also keep a wheelchair...

Opinions on Glee? If you like it, why and what was your favorite moment, and if you don't like it, why?
I have a love/hate relationship with Glee... Because I absolutely adore the show, and the music. I watch it semi-religiously, and I play the music way too frequently. But it's obvious that the kids are completely stereotyped, and the show doesn't try to hide those stereotypes. Dumb cheerleaders...

College board reconsiders illegal immigrant policy why should this even be debated?
Please don't mistake that college board with THE "Collegeboard". Just trying to keep a rep....

Is IUPUI a good school for sciences and humanities, specifically psycholog/anthro?
IUPUI has a nice, but urban, campus. If you want to go to school in Indiana and campus beauty is important to you, choose IU-Bloomington instead. Much of the $300M-$400M in annual grant money flowing through IUPUI flows through the Indiana University School of Medicine. IUPUI is good for...

How can I whiten my teeth without a dentist?
I'm a dentist so I generally recommend getting them whitened professionally in a dentists office but I know how expensive it can be so here are some cheaper ways you can whiten at home. 1) Use whitening toothpastes after 4 times a day but brush LIGHTER so you don't ruin your gums. Using baking...