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Popular Q&A

The Fallen Angels by Anne Sexton?
Whether it is angels or her muse, she is talking about these forces that guide and directe her. It could even be a metaphor for time itself (note the comment about november)

Are there any dentists in california/nevada who remove mercury amalgam fillings that also take medical?
First off I'd just like to say I'm sorry to hear about your problem and hope that you find a resolution. Has it been identified as the amalgam causing the problem? The small amount of mercury in the fillings should be locked up inside the alloy making them safe to remain in their solid state...

Where do dentists go to the dentist?
no, they just tell their employees to clean their teeth/do whatever. or they go to another dentist.

Is it common practice for dentist to give fillings without numbing the area first?
Some dentists performing a small filling might feel that the injections would be worse than the filling. The more important issue here is this dentist did not involve you in your management and explain it fully to you. That was definitely bad practice!

My dentist told me that the crack I have on my front tooth is ok, is this true?
Your dentist is probably hoping to preserve the natural tooth. If you simply have a crack, there is not a lot he can do without damaging the tooth more. Your dentist would probably wait and see if the crack causes you real problems. Sounds like to me that you have a good dentist who is more...