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Popular Q&A

Have you seen this dentist suing his former patient over a review?
He could very well have a case. That will be for the Court to decide, BUT claiming this man did work that didn't need done is pretty much defamation and when you are putting up reviews on a site that will effect his job there is reason to get a little upset. This idea that the good will bury...

How do I get rid of gum disease at home?
It's important that you take your dental health seriously because gum disease can put you at risk for some scary and even deadly consequences like heart disease, stroke and some cancers. In addition, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bloody/puffy gums, bad breath and spaces between teeth...

Chance me for Ivy League schools?
I think you are a strong candidate competing against other strong candidates. Your SAT math score is a little weak I would retake it if I were you. I think UCB, NW, UChicago, and UCLA are very likely. I think the others are less likely. Good luck!

I just have got Medicade,need to find a Dentist near Jackson area,,,,,,,,,where do I go?
there should be a number on the back of your medicade card that you can call and request a list of the ones that accept or you can start calling all the dentist in your area and inquiring as to wheter or not they accept. by the way most likley if you are over 18 they will not accept it. here...