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Popular Q&A

I need Cosmetic Dentistry.... Who Knows a good dentist?
I have been a patient of Dr Gary O’Brien for 7 years approx. I used to have a large gap between my front teeth, He did a great job closing it. I really recommend Doctor O’Brien for cosmetic dental work. His office is located in Glendale! Visit:

I was diagnosed with hepatitus C, but the DR. said it has no sign of being active?
Haven't you heard? HCV (Hep C) isn't just for IV drug users any more. Sorry, don't mean to be flippant, but so much BS is out there that I get PO'ed about it at times. As you've sadly learned, there are many ways to pick up HCV that have nothing to do with needles. HCV is a blood / blood virus...

Travel help from people who know about LA and San Francisco?
honestly your best option is to fly from any airport near LA to san francisco. if driving by car, it takes at least 6 hours. public transportion would be a nightmare and very very long. try greyhound bus or amtrak train. otherwise, many airlines have plane tickets between $60 - 100 from lax...

In country Illegal Fraudulent dentists' arrested why is this a growing problem ?
Illegal aliens can get free treatment at the Emergency Room for medical problems but there's no such place for dental problems. If they want dental services they have to pay a dentist. Recently a guy was caught near where I live. He was illegally in the country and was using carpentry and...

Books for a 1st grader?
This is PART of ONE list from my website and the link below will give you several different lists. Adventures with Arnold Lobel (Small Pig, Mouse Tales, and Uncle Elephant) by Arnold Lobel Adventures with Arnold Lobel (Mouse Soup, Grasshopper on the Road, and Owl at Home) by Arnold Lobel Billy...