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Popular Q&A

How to Commute from cherry hill, NJ to Temple dental school in Philly(cost&time it takes)?
Hi, this is an answer from another question of the same nature, also found here: Cherry Hill Mall Upper Level (near Old Navy & LensCrafters) Exact Fare to Philadelphia Broad St./Vine St. via NJT Bus # 404 ($3.90/way single trip, three-zone monthly...

Which assault is worse, and why?
1. A man being falsely accused of date rape. 2. A Hooter's waitress being raped--anally--by a stranger in the parking lot after closing. 3. A homecoming queen being date-raped after the prom. 4. An unconscious woman being fondled in a dentist's chair. 5. A little kid being abducted and probed...

Salary of salaried (not self-employed) dentists?
Salary ranges from 75 000 us dollars to 150 000 us dollars per annum depending on what level you at. At a practice it can vary due to the employers giving incentives such as..if you see x number of extra patients you get a bonus. This also depends on the employers turnover etc. To buy a practice...

Are Tijuana dentist good?
Many of the dentists across the borders studied at American medical universities. Americans in Arizona go to the border town of Algodones for dental work. I would hope you will visit a dentist recommended by someone you know. There are good and bad professionals in the US, and in Mexico, so...

Where can i find a cheap and good dental service in Thailand (south thailand around or in phuket preferred)?
How far do you plan to travel to see a dentist. You don't say where in southern Thailand or Phuket you will be. Will you travel over 100 km to see a dentist? Get smart and tell people where you plan to be staying in these areas for best results. I recommend you don't use dentist who advertise...