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Popular Q&A

My dentist in a rather affluent city in Michigan wants 2800 for a 3 unit bridge. I'm thinking of going to a dentist in a less expensive area?
If you only think of price instead of value, you will always end up with the short end of the stick. You are not buying a Sony TV, so shopping by price makes no sense. What you should be searching for is the dentist that will give the best made and best fitting bridge. Not all dentists are...

Are their any cheap dentist in chicago that does dentures reasonable price no insurance and can not finance?
Hi check out these links ps/ i typed Cheap Dentists in Chicago for dentures Good Luck

I have an abcessed tooth, no money/insurance etc. Where can I get help in San Bernardino CA?
My friend goes to a local college for his dental work. It's students that work on him with an instructor watching over. I think he still pays but it would be much cheaper than an actual dentists office. Good luck!

Can a child's lower jaw be expanded in orthodontics?
YES, most definitely. Expansion has been done for years by orthodontists and general dentists who know how. Traditional orthodontists, however, do not believe in expansion and that is why they wait until all the permanent teeth are in before starting treatment (which is NOT good) and then end...

Teeth Filling - how much can my dentist file off?
The hard outside of teeth is the enamel. Inside is a softer interior called the pulp that covers the center where the nerve is located. The enamel can be filed down close to the pulp, but dentists are taught to avoid entering the pulp. If they do, the tooth can still be treated but it becomes...