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Popular Q&A

In 1961 both parents had to be a citizen for a child to get automatic citizenship. How is 0 a natural ctzn?
To be a natural born citizen of the US, you DON'T need to have ANY citizen parents. Birth on US soil is sufficient. Ruling after ruling, quote after quote from the founders down to legal scholars of today, say so. As recently as November 2009, in Ankeny v. Daniels, Indiana Court of Appeals:...

Oral Hygiene ??
Below is a list that i found. Usually 3 years. If you can go to one that is just a certificate, id go for that because at least in pennsylvania, the BS doesnt make any difference unless you want to teach at a university. Easy to find a job here,probably more so in California (*BS Degree Programs)...

I need a dentist that works on Saturday in or near Wyoming.Mi. Does anyone know one or what I can do ...?
Dentists are always 'on call.' You can call a dental office and their message should provide you with an emergency phone number for such situations. As a dental assistant I have been called in at odd hours or on weekends for patients in need of treatment whether it be from trauma or an extreme...

Good Morning - Does anyone know the trivia answers for 99.5 WRVE Albany NY and other stations 04.03.14 ?
WRVE 99.5 Albany NY: 6:30am: Sharknado 2 9:30am: Dickie's 10:40am: fibbers MCT: it's a lie 4:10pm: scale 7:10pm: brave Facebook: Enter PUPPY LOVE at: for 2500 pts River VIP Mail Code (5000pts) Enter CRUISE at:

Any Dentists in the House?!?
Professional Tooth Extractor....are you really a dentist?? The question asker indicates that she has "a lot of pain"!!! At the 6 day mark, a lot of pain, a foul smell and taste....ALL indicate DRY SOCKET. Dry socket is an INFLAMMATION (not infection) of the alveolar (jaw) bone, hence it's...