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Popular Q&A

Ok, I'll be first. HOLY CRAP! Did you see Dale Jr's spread on MTV Cribs on CMT?
Not sure if you are talking about the new one on MTV 2008 or if you are talking about the older one back in 2005. They pale in comparison. His house was still pretty modest back in 05 but now. Wow. He has an entire Western Town complete with Church, Saloon, Hotel (which is where his friends...

Calling all dentists..!?
This answer will probably depend on where you're planning to do your training. As a dental student in the UK I can tell you that as soon as you've done your 5 years' undergraduate training over here, you are qualified as a dentist, but there is 1 year of Vocational Training on the NHS, where...

What time is best to avoid long line at CA DMV?
Its like any DMV and you need to be in line at least 30 minutes before they open and without an appointment you will need to wait longer.

Is it better to rent an apartment or buy a house/condo while I'm in dental school?
Buy, you may make a decent profit over 4 years, renting is just giving your money to someone else so they can buy another for other mugs and seeing you are dentist or going to be, you are not daft

I need guidance for college.?
1. You do not need to go to a college with a dental school in order to be a dentist. All you need is a BA with the pre-dental coursework. Once you finish your BA, you apply to dental school. 2. Columbia is super, super competitive. Unless you have a 4.0 GPA and SATs over 2100, you are very...