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Popular Q&A

Do anesthetics make you hallucinate?
This could very well be a past life. Sometimes we remember them in altered states of consciousness such as sleep, hypotic, medicated, or meditating states. My lives/memories Cat-13 or so months old sept 13, 1993 day/hours before this life. I was in shelter and put down. Euthanized by woman...

My Dentist name doesn't shows on the American Dental Association site?
The ADA is an optional organization to join. Primarily is does a lot of lobbying for dentists and dental care. It holds no authority over any dentist and does not screen people to be members. You just pay your yearly dues. Whether or not someone is listed on an ADA website has nothing to...

Recommendations for San Diego breast implants?
You can find a good plastic surgeon in San Diego at the link below. I also put a few links for liposuction articles, implant specific surgeons, and the San Diego Plastic Surgery Home Page. http://www.san-diego-plastic-surgery-cos... http://www.san-diego-plastic-surgery-cos... http://www.san-diego-plastic-surgery-cos...

I need help from a dentist.?
You need to see a dentist to have an x-ray taken to make sure that the root has not fractured and to monitor the nerve over the next several weeks to make sure the tooth does not die. In the meantime, do not push or bite down on the tooth. It needs to be given a rest. good luck.

Dentist qualifications abbreviations?
BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. That is the main qualification in Britain. I ave no idea what your new dentists qualifications are but you could possibly Google them.They must be equivalent or higher to work in the UK, as you have to pass certain standards as laid down by the Government...