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Popular Q&A

How much do pediatric dentists earn ?
It makes no difference at this stage what you will earn as in the first instance you need to qualify as a dentist before gaining your first years experience before specialising in what you want to do. It is as competitive as getting into medicine to get a place to train and you will for now...

Ontario universities for dentistry?
The best option is to do Biological sciences for your pre-dental studies, but really, you could choose any of those. When you look at the requirements each dental school has listed, use that as your guide to anything else you may need to take aside from your major courses. What they look for...

Dentistry or biomedical science?
I would say biomedical science. Dentistry is steady work, but there is a lot of investment to start a practice and a lot of worries over malpractice insurance, competition, recruiting patients, etc. And there isn't much opportunity to switch to a new career path if the dentistry isn't working...

Has anyone been to a good cheap dentist in mexico across the AZ border? What was the price ranges?
There's a little town just past Yuma, it's call Algodones, Mexico. That place is great for that, they have dentists in all specialities, pharmacies, opticals, restaurants and artesanias. To get there you have to take the I-8, thats the fwy that takes you to San Diego, when you pass Yuma and...

What is an Anesthesia Machine used in hospitals?
The anaesthetic machine (or anesthesia machine in America) is used by anaesthesiologists and nurse anaesthetists to support the administration of anaesthesia. The most common type of anaesthetic machine in use in the developed world is the continuous-flow anaesthetic machine, which is designed...