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Popular Q&A

Questions about after-grad school employment? Please help!?
Money and high paying jobs are NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE! Our oldest son and 2 kids are gifted. He had high SAT scores, high GPA with lot of AP classes, extracurricular activities but still didn't get his 1st Choice due to lack of teacher recommendation but is very gifted on his feet thanks to...

Please suggest a trendy name for a dental clinic?
1) Sunny's Complete Oral Care 2) Bright Smiles Clinic (and use a happy sun as your logo) 3) Total Care Dental Clinic 4) Complete Oral Health Clinic 5) Teeth R Us 6) Oral Health Clinic of ***** (put the name of your town here) .

Reoccuring Dry Socket Pain?
for the mean time take tons of tylenol and advil and make an appointment with your dentist to have him check it out. OHP

Dentist made teeth look stupid?
Absolutely go back sweetie!!!!! If your teeth were broken down for a while, you got use to your teeth not being there like they use to be. It does take your tongue time to get use to anything new in your mouth, and makes things seem waaayyyy bigger then it actually is! But, you need to be...

Which course do i need to become a dentist? UofT scarborough?
In terms of courses the perquisites are: 2 semesters biology, 2 semesters chemistry, 2 semesters organic chemistry, 2 semesters physics. Any major will cover the non-science prerequisites. However, to be a competitive applicant, you really should take as many of the following courses as possible:...