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Popular Q&A

Dental help in columbus ohio?
I think you are asking to find a dentist. If that's correct, here is a website which rates dentists - The dentist I use is Dr. Lapierre - I personally think he is great. 40 N High St Dublin, OH 43017 Ph: (614) 889-1133

Looking for Seattle dentist that uses general anesthesia for wisdom teeth extraction?
I can give you a big list of dentists near you. will probably help you better than a person can. I'd recommend calling the ones nearest you and checking out if they do. I hate the dentist, but I hate ugly teeth more lol. Good Luck!

Regarding MetLife dental coverage - Is it capitated or fee for service?
I know they make fee for service and PPO plans (a PPO plan is one with a panel of participating dentists. They contractually agree to accept Metlife's fee schedule. Deductibles, yearly max. benefits and copays usually apply. You can get a benefit from any dentist, but as PPO fee schedules...

Question for Tooth 975 about dentist and TMJ?
If your TMJ makes a grating sound, then YES that usually means you have crepitus. You need to know that there are a million ways to "treat TMJ" but not every method is good or works. A dentist can take one or two courses about TMJ and can truthfully advertise that he treats TMJ. But the real...

What is the movie chesterfields about?
Blockbuster: Buy or Rent Online A man is drawn deep into a mystery when he meets the beautiful daughter of a crime boss. She presents him with a tooth with a "6" etched into it, and he gradually unravels a twisted world of demented dentists, lost love affairs, and a woman who has been dead...