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Popular Q&A

Question for tooth975?
The answer to your first question is to ask the dentist straight away if he/she knows how to use the Twin Block appliance to advance the mandible. Many dental labs that fabricate Twin Blocks have very knowledgable technicians (at least in the USA) who will provide help to dentists who are unfamiliar...

What dentist in Houston, TX does not use silver caps on children and accepts Medicaid?
..? be glad that medicaid covers it- geez. you could ask them to put gold or whatever else they have- IF he's allergic to metal.

Dentist cheap mouth guard?
Hi Try the chemist/pharmacy they sell stock standard mouth guards, place it in hot water for a minute or so and place in your mouth (be careful you don't burn yourself) and bite down and move your lips around so that it form around your teeth, it won't be perfect but it will help.

LGBT: Is the Tooth Fairy the ghost of a homosexual dentist?
LOL I'm mexican too!!! My granmums favorite bedtime story to tell was La llorona! She'd be at the foot of our bed and start "Once there was a lady who drowned her kids."! I was freakin 5 years old! for me there was no tooth fairy.. There was a mouse who'd just leave you a dollar.. Cheapcase...

Anyone know of a good dentist in the North London area!?