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Popular Q&A

I'm looking for a great dentist that accepts the medical card in Chicago.?
There is this clinic on 111th street in the Roseland area that accepts medicaid. The doctors and assistants were great and the clinic is spacious and nice. They had digital xrays, and all their equipment was new and they did those nice white fillings too. My daughter was so scared to go to...

Does anyone know about Bleaching Teeth?
You really have to look around in your area. I had my teeth bleached by my dentist (Castle dental) and it was $500. My dentist said it was safe to have professional bleaching 2x a year with each cleaning. I looked around at this other reputable dentist in the area and they have a special...

Im go to high school in Arlington VA, I want to be a dentist, i cant find any dental internships?
There's no such thing as dental internships prior to going to dental school. You go to a 4 year college and earn a bachelor's degree with top grades, pass the DAT's with high scores and you just may be accepted to a dental school.

How to become a dentist in a university..alaska?
You can have almost any major to go on to med school. Many math and physics majors go on to medical school. I know of a spanish major that went to medical school. You need to get your bachelor degree and apply to a Dental school. I don't see any in Alaska. I would contact Dr.Reuer from UA and...

Help in Florida?
Welcome to Florida! I have only been here for a little over a year and I love it. You should check into a dental school in the Tampa area. Having dental work done at a dental school will be alot cheaper than going to a private practice. The dental students will be doing the work under the supervision...