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Popular Q&A

Why are the 1-800-DENTIST commercials so corny?
Probably because the founder is corny. I produce local commercials on the same leve as these 1800DENTIST commercials and a lot of the time the personality of the guy paying for productions comes across. After all, they're shelling out the money- they decide the tone of the commercial. You...

Dentist Career Question?
Many new graduates choose to begin by working in someone else's practice, or have the opportunity to work in the public sector, where you don't have t worry about finding enough patients to meet your overheads. Working in the public hospital sector is also gratifying in that your gaining exerience...

Top Molar Removal for Dentist?
Interesting question! I'm a dentist so maybe I can help. While it's true that there is not much use for a tooth that has no opposing tooth, my initial thought is why not consider adding implants to the bottom? Perhaps you're taking about wisdom teeth? And if that's the case, I agree with your...

What is a good song for a Tenor(with a very high range) trying out for the Musical Phantom of the Opera ?
Only a complete BEGINNER would do a song FROM the musical they were auditioning to be IN becaue it's considered ARROGANT and IT'S JUST NOT DONE. These are great MALE SOLOS for Auditions and shows A FELLOW NEEDS A GIRL.. Allegro A MAN OF HIGH DEGREE... Strike up the Band...

Syrian boss,what can I expect as an employee?
I don't know much about Syria or the Middle East, but if your boss has been in the USA for 12 years, I'm sure he is already familiar with American culture and knows what to expect. Most likely he's gotten used to our weird mannerisms. :)