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Popular Q&A

Best place to live.........?
What kind of employment are you looking for? If it's something in the medical field, then you should check out websites like nursefinder (I think that's the name). I know NM is recruiting heavily for dentists, nurses, teachers, but I strongly recommend AGAINST the state. It ranks at the...

Becoming a Dentist or B.A. in Dental Hygiene?
A licensed dentist will have so many more liabilities (for potential lawsuits) than a dental hygienist. However, a DH still needs to be very competent, exact and conscientious, too. (You seem to have an associate degree in DH, so you're probably aware of that :) It seems as though a lot...

UCSF question pleasssseeeee?
No, I don't think so. It's a graduate school, not an undergraduate school. You have to go to a four-year college first and get your bachelor's degree and then apply to UCSF for your graduate studies (to become a doctor, dentist, etc.)

Fixing adult TMJ with overbite (for tooth975)?
Please edit your question with the website of this dentist so that I may take a look at it and forward you my opinion. Acupuncture is only an adjunct procedure to help resolve pain but there are other ways to do the same thing - physiotherapy, chiropractics, cranio-sacral therapy to name a...

I have an abcess tooth but i cant afford dental care what should i do ?i have all the symptoms?
I don't want to scare you but an abcess can be a life threatening condition. You might think it is a swollen gland, but it could be drainage into your submandibular space which is life threatening, it can close off your airway. Go to the emergency room, they will give you antibiotics, you...