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Popular Q&A

Prices for teeth whitening.......?
I drink way too much coffee and started to get stressed out when they weren't as white anymore. I was going to go the dentist to have him do it but it was ridiculously expensive. So I looked for forever and I finally found a kit that's just like the one the dentist uses with the mold and injection...

How do I find a reputable endodontist in stamford, ct?
I am a rep in the area and I visit a lot of dental offices, let me know who your dentist is and I can tell you if he will be referring you to someone solid. Stamford is a good area, lots of good docs.

Why are there soo many (muslim/sikh) asians doing medicine/dentistry/optometry at universities?
They intend backdoor immigration or Scam-Migration. Yes, that's visa fraud - grounds for visa denial or revocation, deportation with permanent bar to reentry. Huge numbers of frauds. Fortunately, jobs are scarce, and most never find work & have to go home whether they want to or not.

I need to get my wisdom tooth pulled and i cant afford insurance and i need to find a cheap dentist ASAP!?
Most dental schools will extract wisdom teeth. I included a link below with US dental schools (I'm not sure if they are close to your area). You can also try looking for a public health clinic. Many states have public health dental clinics that will treat you for a reduced rate, or maybe...