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Popular Q&A

Teeth whitening at the dentists?
A lot depends on the dentist and where you live. There's more competition in larger cities (especially cities where looks are everything like NYC and LA), so you can get it done cheaper there. The other consideration is how stained your teeth are now. The more stained they are, the more...

Cosmetic dentistry to fix crooked teeth?
I don't know if you could use cosmetic denistry for that. Usually it is just for damaged teeth, not crooked. But you can look into getting those invisalign braces (they are really clear retainers) and wear those. My friend had them a few years ago and you couldn't notice them at all. those...

I'm looking for a Great and honest Dentist in the Chester, Va or Richmond , Va area...?
Well, you can't get more honest than the clinicians at a dental school... Perhaps you can give the dental school in your area a try. The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry is in downtown Richmond. An added bonus: If you get dental treatment from a dental student (who are...

Are Americans more English then the English?
The Americans weren't being unfairly taxed. The idea was that they paid some taxes to cover their defence bills. Instead of British taxpayers having to fork out for it. The Boston 'tea party' racketeers were protesting that the removal of a customs duty made their smuggling operations unprofitable...