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Popular Q&A

4 year old needs "dead" molar pulled. Should I take him to our pediatric dentist or oral surgeon?
the pediatric dentist can do those types of things. (if it is above the gum) if it isn't grown in all the way you should probably go to the oral surgeon. i'd just go ahead to the dentist and is he/she cannot do it they will refer you to the surgeon. they'll take you today since its an emergency...

What do you think of my child's dentist report?
I can understand your frustration. There are many good, reputable dentists out there. You need to find one you feel comfortable with and can trust. He or she does not necessarily have to be a pediatric dentist. If you are unsure about the two cavities, get second and third opinions. It...

What is the general price range for Los Angeles I might add?
I don't think you want to put a veneer on just one tooth. Your regular teeth generally stain with coffee, tea, sodas and the like, but the veneer wouldn't... There is a radio comercial for "6 month power braces" I have been hearing about. maybe they have a website. ALSO, I did my veneers...

Lowest possible a-levels to get into medicine or dentistry?
Don't know a lot about Dentistry. However medicine is extremely competitive, you will need a minimum AAB and you might get in, however you will most probably need AAA, with minimum 5 A's in GCSE, and about 4 weeks of medical work experience. However you need to take a UKCAT (a test) to do medicine...

Is it possible to drill more than one weekend/two weeks in the Coast Guard Reserves?
After you've completed your 48 IDT drills and your ADT, it's difficult to get more paid drills but it depends on your unit. Most will give you a special drill (no pun intended) for when you visit the dentist for semi-annual check ups or visit your doctor for annual flu shot or complete your...