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Popular Q&A

Dental insurance woes?
You do realize that dental insurance and health insurance are TWO different policies, right? And no, Obamacare doesn't address dental INSURANCE or dental CARE, at all. It doesn't even address health CARE. It only addresses health INSURANCE. Completely different things. Dental care is NOT...

Dentist ---- cost crazy... anyone had cosmetic dentistry.?
About $1000 each for the crowns and $1-200 each per filing. Insurance rarely covers "cosmetic" dentistry.

Can you get a Doctors referral for Dental Care to claim on Medicare?
Obviously these fools are not from Australia and don't understand your question. You friends are correct - kind of. Medicare was offering a service through a referral from your GP for a limited number of free services. You have to have a chronic condition - which it sounds like you have. ...

How to Commute from cherry hill, NJ to Temple dental school in Philly(cost&time it takes)?
First off, congratulations in your acceptance to Temple Dental School. If I know right from a friend, Temple University, as a whole, seems like a very credible institution and I can probably trust that you'll be in great hands! So… What's your pleasure? Cherry Hill Mall Upper Level (near Old...

Anyone from Jacksonville, Florida?
Well...I found this list of Human Resources, etc. that seem somewhat promising to provide discounted dental care. But, you are right-- an actual Dental School would be your best bet for satisfactory and affordable care. UF College of Dentistry in...