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Popular Q&A

Is there anything that is as effective in preventing cavities as fluoride?
Avoid sugar, HFCS, and refined carbohydrates, Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of calcium. Brush your teeth with a non-fluoridated toothpaste. They exist. There is not a single scientific or laboratory study from anywhere in the world which proves that fluoridation reduces tooth decay...

Where can I get help with dentist bills?
I wonder if you would consider coming to Mexico to get your teeth fixed. It is much cheaper here. Check out This will give you an idea as to the cost compared to prices in US.

I'm scared of the (laser) dentist?
depending on which kind of "laser" the dentist owns. more common is the soft tissue lasers, which will not be used to fill a cavity. the more expensive kind and less common is hard tissue lasers, which can be used to treat cavities. They allegedly can do it without giving you a shot. But...

Does medicare pay for optomatrist and dentist?
Medicare does not cover dental but they will pay for some eye procedures, like exams and cataract surgery. They don't as a rule pay for glasses.

How long does it take to become a dental assistant?
You do not necessarily need a 4-year college degree to become a dental assistant. In some technical skills, you can receive the proper training in 9-12 months. Here's what one site (link below) says: "How long it takes to become a dental assistant varies from state to state. In some states...