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Popular Q&A

What dental schools in South Florida does dental work for a lesser price?
You dont have to settle for getting work done at a dental school. You can get highly affordable, but QUALITY work done. There is a very in-expensive but high-quality dental plan that can help you with that. It doesnt pay 100%, but can save you signifcant money, and most dentists are good...

Confused about Dentists and Insurance?
Wow, $230 is WAY a lot for cleaning, exam, Xray. It's going to vary geographically, but I can buy that whole package in my area for $112. Yes, a panoramic XRay is a lot more expensive - and totally not necessary, if you're only checking individual teeth for problems. You only NEED a panoramic...

How do i go to the dentist?? im too young!!..?
You have to look out for yourself, which really does suck. But #1 ----Go back to school------, get an education, and then you can get a decent job with benefits. Don't use your situation (or age) as an excuse to drop out, use it as a motivation to keep going so you can make things better and...

PPO networks for BlueCrossBlueShield? Where do I find Mine???
My first question to you is do you have the bluecross blue shield provider booklet that lists all of doctors in it and if not look on the back of your bluecross card and call them to ask for them to send you one or go to your jobs human resources or benefits department and ask for one, they...

New dentist office?
You are probably going to a corporate chain now. Get use to a bunch of new faces every time you go because they pay and treat their employees, including the doctors, poorly.