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Popular Q&A

Good English-speaking dentist in Taipei?
Don't remember the name of the dentist, but I go to his clinic : Room 2005, 20th floor 333 Keelung Road Sec. 1 (the tall building next to taipei 101) Gentle dentist who speaks good english, in a zen-like clinic with a fabolous view of taipei...

How do dentists fix a chipped tooth?
The chipped tooth can be fixed with composite filling which is tooth colored filling. If the chip is more then you can go for veneers or you can get it crowned. The procedure depends upon how much tooth is chipped. Composite filling is the cheapest one. For more information on composite filling...

Education for an orthodontist?
After a 4 year degree in dentistry,you will need a 2-3 year post graduate program in ortho. Many good dental schools and post grad programs in the Midwest. Check with your guidance counselor or find a dentist mentor to help you. Good luck

Is there a liquid pain killer my dentist can prescribe for?
yes there are liquids that they can give you like Tylenol with Codeine and others.

Where to live in Calafornia?
It's California. If the websites you are using as research are spelling it "Calafornia", they probably aren't the most reliable websites. Santa Clara won't have skyscrapers and it's a limited job market. If you want skyscrapers in CA, like cityscape skyscrapers, it's San Francisco and Los...