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Popular Q&A

Where can I get free or affordable dental work (long story)?
I would use one of those 2 yearly appointments and get to the dentist ASAP. At the very least you can get a thorough cleaning and even set up an appointment to take care of any manageable problems (which can quickly turn into big, expensive problems). You also can get recommendations on what...

Could be a good idea to go in Japan to study or work as dentist?
I lived in Japan for seven years and had all my dental work done while on trips home. To get an idea of how Westerners see their Japanese dentists, just google "dentists in Japan" or something like that. The blog posts are really educational. This article might be interesting for you: http://www...

Is my new dentist trying to cheat me?
As far as your front teeth if each tooth has a cavity on it and they are next to each other you need a filling on each tooth. It is true that all cavities should be taken care of before any orthodontics is done. As far as the crown and the bad fillings, the only way you will know for sure...

Whos more afraid of the dentist boys or girls?
Men tend to be slightly more childish about things like doctors and dentists. Also Women have higher pain thresholds (which is why we can have babies), therefore they don't fear the dentist as much.

I need a dentist in Gainesville, FL?