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Popular Q&A

Has anybody had lumineers or cosmetic bonding??
Your picture is quite blurred. In simple term bonding is composite resin material which is applied and light cured like dental fillings. It mostly addresses cosmetic region of anterior teeth. Lumineers are branded veneers thinner and fragile than the standard porcelain veneers. These too are...

Need a dentist around porthuron/macomb michigan that takes medicade?
Call St. Clair County Health Dept... 3415 28th Street Port Huron, MI 48060 Craig A. Mirkin, DDS 810/984-5197 Fax: 810/985-2150 If they can't treat you, then they likely know who can.

Skin problem help me?!?
first off this is gonna blow your mind, FORGET the other answers, its DIET related. yeah thats right, the thing that we are constantly told its NOT infact IS the cause, i know because i have been at it for two years of seeing the benefits of simply not eating toxic crap that our body becomes...

Does anyone have the telephone number for the drumhar emergency dentist in perth scotland?
There is an appointment only weekend dental emergency service at the Dental Clinic at Drumhar Centre in Perth. This service operates between 9.00am and 12noon on Saturday and Sunday’s. This is not a walk in clinic. Appointments are allocated by the emergency dental triage service. In the...

Fixing adult TMJ with overbite (for tooth975)?
Please edit your question with the website of this dentist so that I may take a look at it and forward you my opinion. Acupuncture is only an adjunct procedure to help resolve pain but there are other ways to do the same thing - physiotherapy, chiropractics, cranio-sacral therapy to name a...