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Popular Q&A

Does anyone know of any dentists in Wilmington N.C that will let you make monthly payments?
I don't know but I seriously need to get to a dentist. Wonder when I can ~_~.

Can I get Dutch/ Belgian heritage citizenship as a person having Nederlandic roots?
If you can speak Afrikaans as well as good English that gives you a chance to bail out of S A and settle in Flanders or the Netherlands with a flying start in aquiring the language there , before the final S A meltdown happens , but the Immigration barriers into all the E U states are high...

Have to get some teeth pull but have no insurance /I live in frederick md?
Some Medicare Advantage plans offer affiliated outside dental services. Mine does. Medicaid does not cover dental in many states. You have several choices for dental work: 1. Find a county or city medical clinic that has low income dental services. 2. Find a student dentist at a dental college...