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Popular Q&A

Mother's day gift?
You could always get something personalized. A personalized gift will giver her the impression that you put a lot of thought into it. I would try looking on You can buy embroidered or printed items off of their site. I've used them a few times in...

How much do Dental Assistants make per hour in Indiana?
Depends on the dentist you work for. A dental clinic usually pays better. Some dentists dont pay squat and their assholes to work for, unfortunately they are the ones usually always looking for new assistants.

What is that skinny pine tree i see in alot of dentist and doctor office flower beds?
Mugo Pine. It can be pruned and trained as a tree or a crooked little shrub and will flourish in many different climates..

Location of dentist in deerfield beach florida?
We go to Deerfield Family Dental at Hillsboro and Military. They're on this list...

A dentist charges an individual with no insurance $150. What would the dentist charge an insurance company?
The dentist must have a set of standard fees. The dentist must submit their full fee to the insurance. The insurance company will send them an explanation of benefits. This explanation of benefits will tell the dentist what the insurance company paid, what the dentist may bill the patient...