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Popular Q&A

Is it worth it becoming a orthodontis/dentist?
For positives, you'll be a doctor, in both profession and title. You'll make plenty of money (Provided you're smart about getting a practice going, or joining an existing one). You'll have a job that stays at work, and doesn't go home with you, as many do. As far as negatives go, you'll be...

When Jehovah's Witnesses go to the dentist, and swallow their own blood, do they worry about it?
I honestly think the JWs Governing Body would want to drop the blood ban but are afraid of lawsuits. ..whatever the case it makes them bloodguilty for the thousands of lives lost each year. ..especially the innocent can the Governing Body sleep at night?..

Anybody know what happened on Buford Hwy this afternoon (for those from Atlanta)? News Man Killed In Trench Collapse ID'd Images: Man Killed In Trench Collapse Posted: 3:42 pm EST February 8, 2011 Updated: 10:58 pm EST February 8, 2011 FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. -- Rescue crews recovered the body of a man who became trapped in a trench Tuesday afternoon. Man Killed...

Mexico city Dentists? cheap?
There's a lot of good dentists in Mexico City, sadly my dentist doesn't speak english. You can try to phone Hospital Angeles or Hospital Starmedica and ask if they know any dentists. Anyone working there is either good or has a lot of $$$ to rent consult space, those hospitals look more like...

Medicaid Dentist?
there is one in marion dr.demarri,also you can go through the health dpt dentist in marion she is pretty good i do not recomend dr jennings here in wythe i do have a list of dentist names from every county i will add them in a sec if u can let me know which area u need to go