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Popular Q&A

Universities in Norway that accept international students in the department of clinical dentistry?
You should check out this web site: , which is where everybody apply for universities that are state founded. You will find some information on how to apply and which qualifications you need. For state founded universities there are the University...

Old names for Sickle Cell Disease?
This collection of clinical findings was unknown until the explanation of the sickle cells in 1904 by the Chicago cardiologist and professor of medicine James B. Herrick (1861-1954) whose intern Ernest Edward Irons (1877-1959) found "peculiar elongated and sickle shaped" cells in the blood...

How should I spend this $10,000 cash wedding gift to better our circumstances?
first, pay the taxes which leaves you $8000. second, pay the $8500 credit card bill. Use the $300 you put in savings for two months. Why? Because this frees up $166 dollars a month, which you can then use to pay off the other card quickly. Which then frees up another $39 a month. This is called...

UC Irvine: What Classes Should I Take?
Nearly all colleges have an online course catalog. Go to - I found it easily under "academics" from the main website. The catalog has a LOT of information. For now, start to get familiar with the prerequisites for your major, and UCI's general ed requirements...