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Popular Q&A

I have a pain right above my temples and i don't know what is wrong. it when i yawn sometimes when i am eatin?
i had this as an ongoing issue. i went to my dr..who sent me to a dentist. I have TMJ (from grinding my teeth). Stress seems to trigger it. Being pregnant, your hormones are elevated..which can cause stress (being pregnant is stressful too:) But, if it continues, please call your general...

Looking for Mexico Dentist recommendations across the border from Yuma?
Generally, you will have better luck with dentists and pharmacies in Algodones B.C. as opposed to SLRC. Algodones essentially exists to service people coming over the border, so you will find that they all speak English and want your business. Besides it is closer to Yuma than SLRC.

What is the legal verbage on signage in waiting room regarding not being able to write off copays/coinsurance?
It depends on several factors: 1) The state in which the office is located. Many states have laws requiring doctors/dentists (Providers) to disclose Waiver Of Copayment on claim submissions. In New Jersey, the State Board Of Dentistry addresses this issue in NJAC 13:30-8.10(c) which reads...

What is the best dentistry I can go to in Denver, CO? For an extraction?
Hey.. The best dentistries in Denver, CO are defenetly "1350 Clarkson St, Denver, CO {Kids in Need of Dentistry / phone: (303) 318-0658}" and "999 18th St, Denver, CO {Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado / phone: (303) 298-1414}".. As long as you don't go to a Monarch dental! I went to Monarch for...

Dental Help Please I need Dentures at only 41 years old!?
First of all toothpaste is only $1.00 to $2.00 a tube, so the whole i spent all my money and time on my kids does not fly with me. Also if you can't afford 6 kids then don't have them. If you are short on cash go and get another job if you have to. And if your on a disability income that is...